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Recruitment Services

Through our sister brand, MyWorld Careers, we offer exceptional recruitment services. The recruitment processes in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar are different. MyWorld has extensive experience in each country, making it a preferred choice for local and international companies looking to hire top talent. MyWorld has access to a vast pool of highly skilled job seekers. Their recruitment teams have established relationships with local, bilingual mid-career professionals, allowing them to identify the best candidates for each role.

Whether you’re looking to recruit an entire organization for a new company set up in these countries or filling key strategic positions, MyWorld’s team has the expertise to support your needs.

MyWorld’s recruitment process begins with getting to know your organization and culture, discussing job descriptions and requirements in detail, identifying the top talent in the market, and promoting your company to attract the best possible employees. After a successful search, we work with candidates to ensure a smooth transition and that they can join your organization entirely focused on achieving success in their new position.

Navigating the recruitment landscape in each country can be different and challenging; moreover, finding the right talent for specific vital roles can be especially difficult. By leveraging MyWorld’s in-depth market knowledge, our clients can position their job descriptions and organizational structure to suit the available talent and ensure their success. While many recruitment agencies may appear similar, MyWorld’s longstanding relationships with leading organizations are a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of their recruitment processes and specialists.