Outsourced Staffing Services

Payroll & Outsourcing (P&O)

Professional Employer Organisation Services (PEO) / Employer Of Record (EOR)

Our turnkey solutions allow clients to establish a competitive presence in Asia within forty-eight hours. The local business landscape in the region can be challenging, but with our comprehensive PEO services, clients can confidently navigate regulations and avoid disruptions to operations. Our staffing solutions support small businesses and corporations to establish a compliant presence.

Through our co-employment model, we handle the registration of employees for tax and insurance purposes, enabling them to work on projects as an extension of your company. Organizations looking to establish a presence in the region can outsource employee management tasks such as payroll, benefits, and health insurance to us. If your organization has a hiring freeze or foreign employee quota, we can assist in assembling the necessary talent to achieve your goals in the respective countries.

P&O has a proven track record of successfully supporting a diverse range of international companies from various industries in establishing a foothold efficiently and seamlessly. Our model allows companies to understand the market and position themselves for success before committing significant capital toward incorporation.

Once fully established in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, we streamline the process of acquiring talent for direct employment by our clients through efficient end-to-end management.

How We Do It

We act as the employer for your employees for tax, compliance, and insurance purposes.

We handle your human resource administration tasks, allowing you to focus on business strategy and growth.

We provide guidance and support in case of unexpected HR matters, including handling claims, conducting background checks, and ensuring compliance with legislative requirements.

Our services apply to both local and expatriate employees. We are your HR Department. We cover all the paperwork, payroll, tax, social security, recruitment, etc., the entire gamut of HR duties.